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Designed with simplicity in mind, the H120 (formerly known as the EC120 B) is both user-friendly and versatile. Its performance, comfort, cost-effectiveness and low noise profile make this lightweight helicopter the choice of private customers, corporations, law enforcement agencies and governments.


Backed by experience and a long heritage
H120 helicopter
The H120 is a member of Airbus Helicopters' light Colibri family of aircraft. It draws on the company’s 50+ years of experience designing, manufacturing and supporting light single-engine helicopters.

Some 700 Colibris have been delivered in 50 plus countries, with more than 600 being in-service worldwide today.

With more than 400 operators, these aircraft have collectively surpassed 1.7 million flight hours as of December 2015.
Comfortable, quiet and panoramic
interior H120 helicopter
The H120 comfortably seats one pilot and four passengers inside a wide, unobstructed cabin with ample leg room and air conditioning.

Exceptionally low vibration levels provide additional comfort, and its third generation Fenestron® tail rotor make this rotorcraft the quietest in its class.

Adding to this helicopter’s appeal is a panoramic view through the expansive glass windshield and side windows, providing unmatched visibility for all those aboard.
State-of-the-art technology
helicopter H120
The H120 integrates technologies more advanced than any other light single-engine helicopter in its class in the world. These advances help make the aircraft easier to fly, safer and more cost-effective.

State-of-the-art technologies include the powerful Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft engine, the bearingless Spheriflex®-type main rotor and Fenestron® tail rotor, and the sophisticated Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®), which considerably reduces pilot workload.
Safety by design
chair H120 helicopter
The H120 is the only single-engine helicopter to meet the requirements of the new FAR/JAR 27 safety regulations, which include incorporation of crashworthy fuel systems and energy-attenuating fuel structures and seats.
Simple and cost-effective maintenance
Fenestron H120 helicopter
The simple design of the H120 offers a new maintenance concept specifically adapted for modern light-helicopter operations.

Most of the maintenance tasks can be performed by the operators themselves with a limited need for specific tools.

This independent maintenance has considerably reduced the operating costs of the aircraft.

See the HCare Services section for more information about services at Airbus Helicopters.

HCare Services



Law enforcement
Nicknamed the “eye in the sky”, the H120 is a preferred helicopter for law enforcement operations, which benefit from its discrete operation, effective maneuverability and enhanced safety features.

The wide, unobstructed flat-floor cabin provides room for both police forces and mission equipment, while the sturdy airframe accommodates a wide range of externally and internally-mounted items, such as forward looking infra-red (FLIR) cameras and search lights.

The H120 is used to perform surveillance, crowd control, anti-terrorist support, firefighting, drug detection and border patrol duties, among others.
Aerial work
Easily configured and reconfigured, the H120 can easily be equipped for a variety of aerial work missions.

Equipment includes a cargo sling, electrical external mirror, windshield wipers, skis, sand filter, emergency floatation gear, and wire strike protection.
Pilot training
The H120 is an excellent helicopter for initial and recurrent pilot training, thanks to its compact size, low operating cost, ease of use, simple design and cabin visibility.

Equipped with the most advanced technologies and enhanced energy-absorbing systems, the H120 can perform training missions with optimal safety.
Private, business and governmental aviation
The spacious cabin, generous visibility and large luggage compartment make the H120 ideal for passenger transportation.

The helicopter is neighborhood friendly, thanks to its exceptional low sound level when flying over urban areas.

Specially designed with corporate needs in mind, the H120 is also available in the exclusive Stylence® version.




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