VIDEO: Inside Airbus Helicopters' new spares pricing

1 July 2015

Airbus Helicopters has launched a thorough plan to improve the quality and consistency of its spare parts pricing, to decrease the number of missing prices and to improve lead times for quotations. All prices are being progressively reviewed and aligned for more consistency and predictability. This innovative pricing methodology is based on perceived value - no surprises, just fair prices.

As of today, more than 1, 600 prices have already been reduced since the end of 2014. The review of some 100, 000 spare parts catalogue prices will be conducted over a 3-year period.

And Airbus Helicopters won’t stop there. The Airbus Helicopters global team continues to focus its efforts on reaching higher levels of performance, ensuring that its customers can place their confidence in the company and trust that its improvements are ongoing while making no comprises to safety.