VIDEO: HCare Material Management, a key part of the new HCare Customer Service offer

15 October 2015

Airbus Helicopters’ Material Management is a key part of the company’s new HCare Customer Service offer. It is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality services for all of their helicopter maintenance activities.

Simplified service plans to meet your needs

The HCare Material Management simplified service plan offers three levels of service packages to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. With our global network of authorized repair and overhaul centers, seven logistics hubs, and four customer service centers providing 24/7 technical and aircraft-on-ground (AOG) support, Airbus Helicopters is with our customers on each and every flight.

Spare Parts Replacement

In line with our company-wide priorities, a substantial effort has also been placed on improving our spare parts service. The number of spare parts delivered behind schedule is a third of what it was two years ago. Starting last June, Airbus Helicopters committed to 100% on-time delivery for all planned spare parts ordered or will face a penalty fee that will be reimbursed to customers.

Check out the above video to learn more about our Material Management offer.