Eurocopter's X4: A Look into the Future

8 March 2011

The successor to Dauphin will transform the helicopter industry

While Eurocopter is keeping the successor to its Dauphin helicopter family under wraps, some details have been revealed that underscore the game-changing aspect of this next-generation rotary-wing aircraft.

Speaking to journalists at Heli-Expo 2011, Eurocopter President & CEO Lutz Bertling said the AS365/EC155’s follow-on—which is designated the X4—will usher in a totally new way of flying.

“We are pursuing technologies for this helicopter that today are at a low maturity level,” Bertling explained. “Eurocopter is looking for a very significant increase in payload and performance, with an aircraft that has enhanced mission capabilities, is more environmentally friendly, and provides a significantly higher level of assistance for the pilot along with increased flight safety.”

Eurocopter is working closely with its suppliers in areas such as propulsion and avionics, Bertling said, adding that the X4’s configuration will dramatically transform the traditional configuration of a helicopter. “Sitting in the X4, one thing will immediately become evident: The cockpit as we know it today will not be there.”